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ATC Electronics – Lifetime Warranty

All of ATCs remanufactured products have an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty.

(1) What is covered?

The lifetime warranty covers defects in components or workmanship that was carried out as part of the remanufacturing process.

(2) What is not covered? 

Failures due to external influences. Examples of this are: electrical overload arising from crossing battery terminals, loose or missing earth connections, wiring shorts, battery defects, overcharging, water / oil / chemical ingress, tampering, modification, contamination, mechanical "wear & tear".

The warranty does not cover software updates which may be issued by the original manufacturer during the lifetime of the product.

(3) Conditions applied.

The lifetime warranty applies to the remanufactured product while you remain the owner of the vehicle that it was supplied for. The warranty is not transferrable in the event that the vehicle is sold on.

The owner must also have proof of purchase from ATC, that is, a copy of the original ATC invoice.

(4) What happens if a remanufactured item is accepted as a valid warranty claim by ATC?

ATC will repair / replace the item free of charge, subject to availability. If the product cannot be repaired or replaced then ATC will reimburse the original price charged for the product as shown on the invoice.

(5) Additional costs incurred

ATC will not cover any additional costs incurred as a result of the failure of the product. Examples of this are: towing / recovery costs of the vehicle, workshop charges for diagnosis and removal of such parts from the vehicle, installation and reprogramming charges, carriage costs to / from ATC, car hire while VOR.

(6) ATC charges.

ATC reserve the right to charge a diagnostic fee on any item returned for warranty inspection in circumstances where the product is not faulty, or the warranty is rejected for reasons highlighted in section 2, or the conditions of section 3 are not met. This charge is discretionary and is waived if the item is accepted as a valid warranty.

This Warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

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