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ECU Testing

ECU Testing

The founding directors of ATC Drivetrain UK recognised the potential for a reconditioning service for automotive ECUs. The key to remanufacturing is the ECU testing process used to identify the status of the original ECU.  This resulted in the design and construction of a manually operated ECU testing rig with which the technician activated the various inputs to the ECU, and monitored the outputs via an instrument panel. The engineering principles that were used to drive the early manual rig are still employed today albeit in a machine far more advanced than its predecessor.




ECU Testing Process

Network 500

Our early work provided the platform for world’s first automated ECU testing station, the Network 500, which is a real time simulator with integrated full load testing of all outputs. This has expanded over the years to incorporate in house ECU testing for petrol and diesel systems. Up to 60,000 readings are analysed as part of each test profile:  any discrepancies are flagged and highlighted on the resulting printout. A single ECU test can run for up to 50 minutes with multiple test options for interrogating intermittent faults. An environmental chamber is used to further accentuate heat / vibration related problems which are just a prevalent on many ECUs produced today as they were back in the early days.

PTM 820e

ATC has always recognised and responded to the need to improve our ECU testing capabilities as these are absolutely fundamental in providing a reliable, fully functioning remanufactured product. In order to meet this demand ATC developed the PTM 820e, a unique ECU testing system which is capable of running Diesel and Petrol ECUs, ABS modules, instrument clusters, Body Control Modules and audio. The modular design has produced a “future proof” system in terms of automotive applications and in the broader scope of test equipment worldwide.

The complexities of modern motor vehicles with integrated electronic systems have created a real challenge for the automotive aftermarket in order to keep up with cutting edge developments in a multibillion-pound industry.


Contact ATC for ECU Testing

We recommend that you contact us using any of the listed numbers or email prior to sending your suspect ECU / module for inspection.  We can then advise you if any additional components such as keys / immobilisers etc are required to perform the test: the advantage of running components in – situ on the bench is that the functionality of the ECU / module is also checked in relation to the other components that it is connected to, on the vehicle.

If you need your ECU testing then please fill in the form below and print a copy to enclose with the goods.  ATC also offer a competitively priced collection service using a national courier so that option exists if required. Simply select the “collection” option on the bottom of the form.  You will still need to pack the item(s) safely and securely with our name / address clearly marked.  We would expect to contact you and advise you on which day the collection will take place. Alternatively, contact us directly here for more information.

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