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About ATC Electronics


Formed in Staffordshire 1988

ATC Drivetrain UK Ltd was formed in Hednesford, Staffordshire in 1988 under the name ATP Electronic Developments Ltd. The founding directors had many years engineering experience in the automotive electronics industry.

From an initial compliment of just 2, the company has expanded to 20 staff. Directly involved with sales, production, research and development, also a multitude of support staff within the ATP Industries Group.

The ground-breaking concept of ECU testing and remanufacturing was unique to the UK marketplace. It was facilitated by the construction of a manually operated universal real time engine simulator. This could be expanded and adapted to incorporate new systems and new technological changes as ECUs became common place in the 1990's.



In 2019 ATP Industries group was purchased by ATC Drivetrain based in Oaklahoma city USA, making ATP now part of a globally owned company. June 2020 saw the brand change to ATC Drivetrain UK Ltd.

Worlds first universal automated ECU testing station

To accommodate the increasing demand ATC developed the worlds first universal automated ECU testing station, the Network 500. This was a remote computer driven real time simulator that tested ECUs via a telephone system link to the central hub from anywhere in the world.

ATC has always recognised and responded to the need to improve our ECU testing and remanufacturing capabilities. In order to meet this demand ATC developed the PTM 820e, a unique ECU testing system which is capable of running Diesel and Petrol ECUs, ABS modules, Instrument clusters, Body Control Modules and Audio. The modular design has produced a “future proof” system in terms of automotive applications and in the broader scope of test equipment worldwide.

A more recent innovation is the development of the PTM220e, an actuator test system which is used to test throttle bodies, idle valves, EGR valves. Once again, the potential applications are huge for end-of-line product testing.

Remanufacturer of the Year 2013

In 2013, Mr Alan Smart, Founder and Chairman of ATC was rewarded for many years of such forward thinking with the prestigious honour of receiving the coveted “Remanufacturer of the Year” award – previous recipients have been worldwide multinational conglomerates so this was seen a major coup for home grown enterprise and engineering excellence.

The enormous investment required to bring such concepts to fruition is a clear statement of intent by ATC to remain at the forefront of ECU testing & electronic remanufacturing in 2015 and beyond.

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