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Refund Policy

ATC Drivetrain UK Refund Policy:


Within the first 14 days of making a purchase :

All products supplied are subject to the standard trading conditions associated with what is described as remote selling. This gives the consumer the right to change their mind within a 14 day cooling off  period.

(The Consumer Contracts Regulations June 13th 2014 )

The consumer has the right to return any goods within 14 days of making the purchase for a full refund of the purchase price. Any carriage charge paid at the time of the purchase is not subject to the same refund condition. The consumer is liable for any return carriage costs incurred.

Exceptions to the 14 day rule :

ATC products are supplied in a sealed plastic security bag, normally within a cardboard outer box. We will not accept any product for refund if the security bag has been opened / split. The item must be returned in the exact same original condition as it left us.

The customers’ option to have a change of mind does not allow parts to be tried in advance and returned as not required .

Returns policy after the 14 day cooling off period :

In accordance with standard terms and condition of sale there is no right to return an item and request a refund because a customer has changed his / her mind about a purchase made.


I have bought a part from ATC but it is not the right one for my vehicle Can I return for a refund?

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to identify which part / product is correct for the individual vehicle. This must be confirmed by cross referencing part numbers from the original item fitted to the car against the ATC website. The vehicle applications shown on the website are for guidance only and should never be considered as definitive when ordering parts. It must never be assumed that if only one part number is shown for a specific model for a specific year that is the only possible option. If there is any doubt as to whether the item you wish to order is correct then contact ATC for guidance. The acceptance for a refund is covered by our standard returns policy shown above.

I have bought a part from ATC but it has not cured my problem, Can I return the item for a refund ?

Unfortunately not – it is the responsibility of the person making the diagnosis to confirm what parts are needed in curing a vehicle problem. For this reason  ATC offer a testing service on many products prior to making a purchase, for peace of mind that the part is defective / in need of replacing.

I believe the item I have purchased is defective can I return for a refund? 

The item will need to be examined as a potential warranty return at our Staffordshire facility. This would establish the condition of the item and whether it satisfies the terms and conditions of our warranty – see section headed warranty. 

Remanufactured products are covered by our Lifetime warranty – subject to Terms and Conditions

New products are covered by a 12 month warranty from date of purchase – subject to Terms and Conditions

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