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ECU Repair

ATC Drivetrain have been offering an ECU repair service since 1988. The first models being serviced at that time were simple carburettor control ECUs and programmed ignition control ECUs manufactured by Lucas, and used by Austin Rover. To give an illustration of the complexity, these ECUs had approximately 14 terminal connections to the wiring harness: this compares to a modern engine ECU with over 150 typically. Early ECU repairs often involved overcoming build quality flaws in the original product, combined with the effects of heat and vibration when being used in a motor vehicle.

Regardless of the design / type /  manufacturer of the original ECU the key principle for our engineers is the same today as it was in 1988 – we aim to create a product that is at least as reliable as the original design and to exceed that standard wherever possible.

How is this achieved?

A more reliable product can be achieved by introducing higher specification components in key areas that are more robust than the original. ATC have the advantage of being able to analyse failure patterns in the original ECUs and upgrade the specification of components to avoid the same failure in the future.
Every ECU in our remanufactured range has a specific design profile: this means that every ECU of that part number is subject to the same rigorous reconditioning process regardless of its individual failure pattern. The remanufacturing design profile is derived by collating data from a vast array of faulty ECUs and analysing the failures.

How long do ECU repairs take to complete?

ATC will endeavour to test your ECU on the day we receive it. The time required to confirm whether or not the ECU is faulty will depend largely on the nature of the claimed fault. Intermittent problems or those requiring the ECU being subject to specific external conditions will take longer to test. Once the result of the test has been established, then ECU repairs typically take an additional 3-5 days from ATC receiving authorisation to complete the work.

Can every ECU that we confirm as faulty be repaired?

The honest answer is no. This can be for a number of reasons: for example – the ECU may have been subject to an electrical overload which has caused serious damage to the circuit board, or unique components – the ECU may have suffered water ingress which has corroded the PCB or key components. ATC may have an alternative core unit to use as a substitute but with rare examples this may not be possible.

The Next Step

If you would like to know more about our ECU repair service then please contact us. Alternatively please fill in the form below and print a copy to enclose with the goods. ATC also offer a competitively priced collection service using a national courier so that option exists if required. Simply select the “collection” option on the bottom of the form.  You will still need to pack the item(s) safely and securely with our name / address clearly marked.  We would expect to contact you and advise you on which day the collection will take place.

Get in touch for more information on ECU repairs.

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